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October 13, 2020

Video Streaming now available!

Needless to say we are pretty excited about this one, we've partnered with reliable streaming experts LiveU in order to bring video playback to Sporty. All that's required is a Solo Unit and a camera (we used a Go Pro) and we've integrated multiple ways of securely activating the camera so if your Club is using us to manage Court Bookings members can do so at the time of reservation and if not they can enable the camera manually by scanning a QR code from a poster beside the court with their phone.

Players and Coaches will have instant access to their matches and practice sessions, whether the goal is to analyze and improve, re-watch best performances, build a database or simply to have some fun users will love this exciting new addition to the Services we offer at Sporty. We'll also be keeping a close eye on the development and impact of AI and machine learning on streaming in order to add new and exciting capabilities in the future. Email us at support@sportyhq.com for further info.

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May 15, 2020

Ensuring a safe return to sport

Let's take a look at how we can leverage some of Sporty's awesome features to help fight Covid19 and return to play safely.
  • Use Online Bookings to stagger court start times, add intervals between reservations (reducing player contact and allowing time for sanitization) and have members use Sporty's Booking App to reserve rather than in person.
  • Create an online liability waiver using Forms, track acceptances and enforce approval prior to member facility use.
  • Limit contact with staff by replacing existing sign-in process with Member Check-in and have members use a QR code on their phone screen instead.
  • Use our many Sharing methods to keep members up to date including private platform email, news bulletins and synced website updates.
  • In the event of an illness Member Booking History can be used to trace the outbreak so the potentially exposed can be informed.
  • Use of our Live Scoring App removes the threat of sharing paper & pen when marking.
  • Use Solo Leagues to set up and easily manage flexible solo leagues. No teams, no problem!
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