Announcing Membership Add-ons for Organizations

Today we have launched an exciting new feature for organizations… Membership Add-ons. This feature will allow organizations to let their members buy add-ons in addition to their membership plans to make sure they are enrolled in all of the services they utilize from a governing body.

For our demonstration here, we’re going to use Tennis South Africa (TSA) as an example. TSA offers two main membership plans – a Scholar plan and a Full Membership plan. In addition however, they have a very active Senior’s circuit, as well as coach affiliations and more.

To help define these two central membership types:

  • Scholars are affiliated, but cannot enter tournaments.
  • Full Members are affiliated and can enter tournaments. They’ll also earn ranking points and appear on the TSA rankings.

For Full Members who also want to play in Senior tournaments, they must pay an additional fee. This is where membership add-ons come in to play.

TSA, using this new feature, have created a Seniors 2018 add-on, which they can then enforce as a requirement to enter specific events (i.e. Senior’s tournaments). Anyone trying to enter must hold a valid TSA membership in addition to this Seniors 2018 add-on.

Organizations are free to create as many add-ons as they like. And user’s can purchase one or more add-ons in a single checkout process.

As an example of this, let’s look at a tournament registration for an upcoming TSA Senior’s tournament. After we confirm our contact details and the events that we’re entering, we’re asked to buy as TSA membership, as our existing membership has expired:

We’re going to select the Full Member plan and move on to the next step.

Because we’re required to hold the Senior’s add-on for this event (which we don’t currently have), it’s been pre-selected and we’re good to continue through the remaining steps of the tournament registration.

On our final step, we get a summary of our checkout. SportyHQ consolidates these charges into a single transaction, making it incredibly convenient for the user. We then take care of sending the payments to the respective parties. For example, the tournament entry fee will go to the tournament director, while the membership + add-on fees will go to TSA.

Once we complete our payment, we’ll be entered in to the tournament, our TSA membership will be renewed and we’ll be marked as having the Seniors 2018 add-on.

From the administration side, organizations are able to search, export, email players with different membership add-ons, making it an incredibly powerful tool to help manage the many different types of members organizations have to organize.


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