New privacy features

Today, SportyHQ is rolling out new privacy features aimed to help give user’s granular control over who has access to their more sensitive profile information. This information includes their date of birth, phone number(s), email and address.

Privacy Settings
SportyHQ has released a new page under each user’s profile settings that lets them see which entities currently have access to their information. Users are able to revoke permissions easily from this page if they so choose.

When an entity (such as a club, organization, tournament or league) adds them to an event, the user will receive an email that asks for their permission before allowing the entity access to their personal data. Until this permission is granted, the requesting entity will not have access to anything other than the most basic profile information.

If a user registers for an event, they’ll be asked to accept that they will share their personal data with the entity before completing their registration. If they don’t want to share their personal data, they simply need to go to the privacy settings page and revoke permission.

To access the new privacy page, click on your profile icon in the top right of the interface, click “Edit my profile” and then “Privacy settings”.

Entities (facilities, organizations, tournaments, etc.)
Entities will notice some changes from their administration side too. If they add a user that already exists in SportyHQ, they will see restricted details until that user has given their permission for the entity to access their personal details.

We realize the importance of entities being able to email users and so SportyHQ has a “masked” email feature that will still allow these entities to communicate easily. This feature provides an alias to the user’s actual email address. For example: could act as an alias for

Once the user grants permission, their actual email address will be revealed.

If an entity adds a new person to the system, then they are automatically granted permissions so that they can continue to see the user’s personal data. For example, if a facility adds a new member that doesn’t have a SportyHQ profile, then they can continue to see that user’s personal data as they were the creating entity.


SportyHQ is committed to the privacy and security of its users’ data and we hope you enjoy this added layer of protection.

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