Your new dashboard…

By now, many of you would have seen your updated dashboard. Its designed to be an overview specifically tailored to your life in SportyHQ. There are a number of additions here, including:

Your upcoming matches

Your upcoming matches will show you any schedule court bookings,  tournament or league matches that you have coming up.  This updates in real time, so if you’re playing in a tournament, you’ll see your next match here as soon as it is set in SportyHQ.

And if you’re using our linked account feature (e.g. you’re a parent with kids playing in events), you’ll also see their upcoming matches on your dashboard as well.


This section will show you any news from the various affiliations you have in the system. These include club and governing body announcements, as well as information from competitions. You can click through to read the full posting or mark it as read from your dashboard.

Your memberships

This will show you all of your current memberships to club and governing bodies. You’ll see upcoming events if they are using the calendar feature, and also your current membership status and expiry date.

Recent matches

Quickly see your last 5 matches from your dashboard and click through to see your full match history.

Your fans and people you’re fans of

See all the people who follow you and quickly access the profiles of the people your fans of. We’ll post an article on this feature shortly but think of this as SportyHQ’s equivalent “follow” or “like” feature.

Your rankings

See where you currently rank on any lists you’re a part of and quickly jump through to see the full detail.


We’ll be building upon this in the coming months to add even more value to your dashboard, but we hope you find the redesigned interface helpful to managing your sporting life!

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