Tournament waitlisting

We have just added support for tournament waitlisting. This new feature allows tournaments that are full to still receive waitlisted entries. If positions in the tournament become available, the tournament administrator(s) is able to invite people on the waitlist to join the tournament by completing their registration.

Here’s how it works…

The tournament is full, so instead of a signup button, you’ll see an option to join the waitlist.

The person registering can still choose if they’re signing up themselves, or someone else. They’ll complete the full registration process as normal, except that no payment will be required.

The administrator(s) are able to see waitlisted people from the new “Waitlist” page, available under the “Communicate & Share” section of the admin interface.

Each waitlisted entry has it’s own unique link that can be given to that registrant if a position opens up. We’ve also made it easy for the administrator to contact that person by providing quick access to their phone number (if privacy settings allow) and a pre-filled contact form…

If the waitlisted user chooses to then sign up, they’ll use that link to return to the final step of the registration process, where they can complete their entry.

We hope you all enjoy this new feature!

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