Team leagues now support singles & doubles, or multi-sport, in same event

Today we are launching a new feature for team leagues that will allow a league to run multi-sport or singles/doubles matches in the same league round. Examples of how this might be used include:

  • A league may play X singles and Y doubles matches per league round.
  • You may have a league that plays multiple sports (such as a racketlon) in the same league round.

Both of these scenarios are now supported by the system.

Here is a summary of the changes that have been made, and how you can configure this to suit your league:

Updated League Settings
Under league settings, there’s now the option to choose multiple sports (or variations of a sport).

Updated Event Settings
Within the event settings, you can now specify how many matches for each discipline/sport are played per round.

Results Entry Screen
Based on your configuration in the above two sections, the results entry screen will update accordingly:

We have also updated other various screens to reflect this update, including the results review screen.

We hope you enjoy this added functionality and as always, we welcome any feedback that you may have.

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