Swiss Draw Templates

Today we’re launching a powerful new tool to let administrators totally customize the layout of Swiss Draws – a popular tournament draw format.

Swiss draws give equal games to each participate, and displays the draw in a compact format, as shown below:

Standard swiss draw format

Swiss draws are generally a good format when you have perfect numbers (e.g. 4 players, 8 players, 16 players, etc.) but they can run into problems when using less than ideal draw sizes (10 players, 13 players, etc.). This is where tournament administrators will typically modify the standard swiss draw format to cater to their draw size.

Enter Swiss Draw Templates in SportyHQ.

Tournament administrators are now able to completely customize the Swiss Draw format, create templates with a custom number of players and a custom number of rounds.

To access the templates feature, go to the tournament admin menu and select Seeding Configuration Templates and create a new template. You can select your options there, but as an example, here’s a 14 person swiss draw that we’ve created:

Set your Swiss Draw options
Then create your template

The template editor will give you instant feedback if you make an error (e.g. if you use the same seed twice in the same round, or if you enter a seed that is too big for your draw.

When you’re ready to apply your template to a draw, you’ll see applicable templates available on your draw page. Only the templates that would apply to your draw will show (e.g. you won’t see a 12 person template appear when you only have 8 people in your draw). Your draw will also need to be unlocked in order to alter the template.

Choose your template from the “Seed Configuration” dropdown on your draw page.

If you’re part of a governing body and want to create templates to use across multiple tournaments, you’ll also seed the Seed Templates link in your governing body admin. Any sanctioned tournament will then have access to those templates.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality!

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