New tournament race ranking format

We have just released a new rankings race format that is designed to award points based on a person’s finishing position in a tournament. Think of it like the Race to London in tennis, where you earn points based on your position in each event. The more events you play and the deeper into the draw that you make it, the more points you will earn.

Here’s an example of how it works….

When configuring a ranking list, there’s now a new option for Tournament Race.

(while tennis is shown above, this feature is open to all sports)

Once this option is selected, you can then enter in the points that players will earn.

You can configure the rest of the ranking list parameters as normal. For example, you can limit which events will be used, set age group restrictions, set membership requirements and much more.

From there the ranking list is calculated and updated in real time:

While we’ve obfuscated player names in the image above, this is from a published ranking, which you view here.

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