New Live Scoring Features (Squash only)

Today we are expanding our live scoring capabilities for squash considerably. We have a few updates to announce:

Real-time scores
Now when you’re following a live match, you’ll get real-time updates. As soon as a point is entered by the referee, your screen will update. We’re doing this by using push campaigns, whereas previously the website was just refreshing every few seconds.

League live scores
We’ve now added a live scoring view to the main league page. This live scoring gives you real-time updates about all matches that are currently being played in the league, with scores updating instantly.

You’ll see completed results as well for any matches played within the last few hours.

Full scorecard available on match history
We’ve added scorecards to the match history page of player’s profiles now as well. Every match that has ever been live scored using the Score Squash app are now available for players to revisit. To access, go to a player’s page, click on “Match History” and look for the “Scorecard” button next to a result.

We hope you enjoy these updates!

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