Box League Player Standings Formula

When it comes to box leagues, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. From the feedback we’ve received from both players and clubs, it has been clear that different box leagues want to calculate the winners based on different criteria. While “most matches won” is generally the most popular way to calculate the winner of a box division, in the event of a tie, it’s the subsequent criteria that can often be the subject of club preference. For example, some clubs may want “fewest losses” to be the next criteria used to determine a placing, while other clubs may want “most matches played” to be the determining factor, and so on.

So today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made this formula customisable by box league. It’s now entirely up to the box league administrator as to how the player standings are calculated.

To customise, just go to your Club Admin page, click on Box Leagues and then click Edit. You’ll see a new section there where you can see the current formula being used. You can modify it by simply dragging the order around, and then saving your changes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.03.36 pm

For those players interested to know the default on how winners are calculated, it is:

  • Most Matches Won
  • Fewest Matches Lost
  • Most Matches Played
  • Least Games Lost
  • Player’s Ranking

We hope you enjoy this latest update!

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