Announcing Membership Check-in

We are thrilled to announce the launch of member check-ins for clubs and facilities. This will allow clubs to use SportyHQ to check members in as they arrive at the venue, by either typing in their name, or scanning a QR code that the member can display through the SportyHQ app.

Here’s how it all works…

From the facility admin interface, there’s a new option for Member Check-in. When the club admin goes to that screen, they’ll see this:

Without needing a scanner, the front desk staff can type in a member’s name or membership number and the system will check them in. As people are checked in, their names appear below.

We also have support for member check-in using a scanner and the SportyHQ bookings app (iOS or Android). When members load the app, there’s now an option for check-in, where they’ll then see a QR code, like this:

When the member arrives at the club, they simply need to hold this code under the scanner, and they’ll be checked in.

Administrators are able to analyze this check-in data to get useful insights in to their members’ activity. This is available from a new Member Check-in Report tool.

Using this reporting tool, you can see who your most active members are, see who hasn’t checked in for a while, get a listing of all check-ins between two dates, and more.

And to make this even more powerful, we’ve added email support, so that you can quickly email members who match your search criteria. For example, you can easily email anybody who hasn’t checked in for the last 30 days.

This new feature is available to all customers today as part of our facility membership module.

A note on QR code scanners… you’ll need to purchase a barcode scanner that is capable of reading QR codes off phone screens. Most CCD barcode scanners are capable of this. If you’d like to buy the same barcode scanner we used for our testing, then please click here.

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