Score Squash App Launch!

screen322x572SportyHQ is thrilled to announce the launch of our first app – Score Squash.

Score Squash is the best way to score singles and doubles squash matches. You’ll love the simplicity Score Squash brings to marking and tracking results. The app is free and is available on the App Store.

Available on the App Store

Key features of Score Squash include:

  • Support for Point-a-Rally (PAR) and Point-a-Serve (PAS).
  • Mark lets, conduct penalties, injury timeouts and any other anomaly.
  • Enter match information, such as player names and location.
  • Set players’ shirt color for easy identification.
  • Set the number of points per game.
  • Select the number of games to play, and whether it is “best of” or the “total of” those games.

And if you’re refereeing a match that is part of a tournament or league being hosted on, you can use a unique identifier to sync the match data from SportyHQ. As you enter scores, the data is synced and instantly updated online, allowing for live scoring and real-time match updates.

We’ll be posting more about the app and how it can integrate with events being run on SportyHQ shortly, but for now, please download the app, and pass along any feedback you have so that we can keep improving.

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