New Club Finder Launched

We’ve just launched our club finder feature that makes locating clubs interactive and easy. Now all of the clubs in our database and overlaid on a map, and you can quickly apply filters to narrow down your search results. Once you’ve found a club that you want to learn more about, just click on it to view more details.

This is the start of a larger update that we’ll be making to our tournament and league sections too to help organize those sections a little better.

You can access the club finder here.

One Reply to “New Club Finder Launched”

  1. Hi Henry,

    For listing Scottish clubs, they need to have selected Scotland as the country to then be able to select the region they are in so they appear on the search. Select United Kingdom, only lists English and Welsh counties.

    Secondly, selecting Scotland as the country of origin, removes the option to select “Singles Racketball (UK)” as a sport that a club offers. Other than that, great feature!

    P.S. I have e-mailed and sent a form via the site for a demo of the bookings and possibly more! Can you try and get back to me at some point! Thanks


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