New Payment Gateway

We are excited to announce our new payment platform that has just gone live. If you use SportyHQ to collect Canadian or Australian dollar payments, then it’s important you read this information, as your action is required.

We will be rolling out similar functionality to our European customers shortly and will make a further announcement when we launch.

Our new payments platform is aimed at resolving all of the shortcomings of our previous system. In particular, our new platform will:

  • Reduce the time it takes to pay you, allowing you to access funds on a regular basis.
  • Pay you directly to your bank account the complicated requirements of wire transfers (this is for our Canadian customers).
  • Reduce payment gateway fees.
  • Remove “international cross-border fees” which have sometimes been imposed by banks.
  • Make SportyHQ and payment gateway fees more transparent and instantly available for you to view.

We’re sure you’ll agree that these are very welcome changes and we’re delighted to bring them to you today.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get hooked up to the new payment platform…

Clubs & Organizations
If you’re an administrator of a club or organization that uses our payment platform, then it’s important that you go to your club or organization administration page in SportyHQ, click on Payout Settings as soon as possible and enter in the requested information.

Tournaments or Leagues
If you’re running a tournament or league on SportyHQ in Canada or Australia, then:

  • If your tournament or league has already received payments, then you’ll still continue to use the previous payment gateway for that event.
  • If you’re about to start a new event, you’ll need to enter in your account details before you can publish your event. If your event is sanctioned by a governing body that collects payments on your behalf (and then pays out to you), that process will be confirmed with you before publishing.

What other benefits can you expect with our new payments platform:

  • In Australia, we will be providing a payment gateway rate of 1.75% + $0.30 per transaction for domestic cards and 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for international cards.
  • In Canada, we will be providing a payment gateway rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
  • If you use the “Events” feature under clubs or organizations, you’ll no longer have to enter in your payout details for each event. We’ll automatically link it to your club or organization.
  • When creating a new tournament or league, you’ll be able to reuse previous payout information, saving you from having to enter it again.

We very much hope you enjoy this big update and thank you again for all of your support.

Updates (April 25th to June 27th)

It has been a busy couple of months at SportyHQ. We have made a number of improvements and new feature releases. We’ll use this post to highlight the major changes and then return to our regular weekly updates moving forwards.

  • New Payment Gateway for Australia and Canada. Read all about it here. Similar updates coming to our European customers shortly.
  • Publishing Events
    • Tournaments: We now perform a number of checks to make sure your tournament is ready to go live. We check sanctioning, payout settings and a number of other checks that will help make sure your tournament is completely ready to go.
    • Leagues: Similarly to tournaments, we now have a publish process in place for leagues before they go live.
  • Clubs
    • You can now write reviews for clubs. You’ll find this on the club overview page (e.g. click here) under the Contact Information box.
    • We’ve added a user import (from CSV file) feature to the club admin page.
  • Websites
    • We have added the ability to create player websites. Our first example of this is Australia’s top ranked squash player (as of June 2017) Ryan Cuskelly. You can see his website here:
    • We have also launched Tennis South Africa’s new website on SportyHQ’s website building platform:
    • You can now delete menus.
  • Leagues
    • Duplicate Event: This feature is designed for those recreating a new season that is largely the same as the previous season. This new tool lets you quickly duplicate divisions, teams and players with a few clicks.
    • Move Team: You now have the option to move teams to another division. This functionality is only available if no schedule has been created.
  • Code Violations
    • We have launched our updating code violations feature. The whole process of recording and managing code violations can be handled via SportyHQ. Emails are automatically generated to players and they are allowed to appeal code violations through the SportyHQ interface (when allowed by a governing body’s Code of Conduct rules).
  • Solo Leagues
    • We’ve added the ability for clubs to create solo leagues directly from their club admin interface.
  •  Domains
    • You can now have 2 domains pointing to your SportyHQ Website
  • Swiss Draws
    • We’ve made a number of bug fixes surrounding Swiss Draws. Please let us know if you still run in to any issues here. We are also working to expand swiss draws beyond 16 players.
  • Events
    • For our generic events entry feature (Club or Organization Admin -> Manage Events), we’ve added support for South African Rand.
  • Head to Head Statistics
    • There were a couple of instances where head-to-head stats were incorrectly calculating wins & losses. These bugs have now been fixed.
  • Box Leagues
    • We’ve added support for tennis scoring to box leagues.
  • Custom Fields
    • Dates were not always populating correctly when you would click a date in the date picker. This has now been fixed.
  • Login
    • We’ve removed the social login (Facebook/Twitter) capability for now. It was hardly being used. We are rethinking how to implement this.
  • Documentation
  • Court Bookings
    • We have made a number of updates to the mobile court bookings view to make this easier to navigate.
    • Bug fix: Statistics weren’t accurately reporting on custom booking types.

Site Updates (Week 16, 2017)

  • Tournament Draws
    • On the “Manage Draws” page for admins, we have added in a label to show if the draw gender setting is set to male only, female only or mixed.
  • Domains
    • We’ve added support in to the club and organization admin interfaces for an additional domain name, in case you have two domain names that point to your website.
  • Website
    • We’ve introduced pagination in to the blog feature. You can custom set how many posts per page to display by default, and then the pagination will be created automatically.
  • Organizations
    • New Feature: External Contacts. Now you can use SportyHQ to keep a database of all of your external suppliers, distributors and other contacts.
  • Leagues
    • Bug fix: Games won/lost in the player stats were calculating incorrectly. We now have this fixed.

Site Updates (Week 15, 2017)

This past week we were busy in South Africa with the TSA Tennis Junior Nationals Championships. This event had over 715 participates at 9 different venues. Overall the event was a great success and we are proud to have been a part of it.

  •  Tournaments
    • Bug fix: When using draw randomization, unlocking a draw would sometimes cause people to move to a new position. This has now been fixed so that players keep the same position until you choose to refresh.
    • Bug fix: When editing a tournament’s settings and choosing the “registration deadline by sport” option, it would show 1970 as the default date. We’ve now made this field blank until a date is selected.
  • Transaction Report
    • Have split “Entrants Name” in to first name and last name columns.
    • Have added user key to the transactions report.
  • Events
    • Bug fix: Sign up button was still showing in certain circumstances when the event registration limit had been reached.
  • Calendar
    • League events can now sync with calendar items.

Site Updates (Week 13, 2017)

  • Tournaments
    • New Feature: Import Qualification players from another draw. You can find this feature on the draw under the new “Qualifiers” tab.
    • New Feature: Added 4 round qualification draw option. E.g. with a 128 draw this would go down to 16 players after 4 rounds.
    • Bug fix: Recent Results were showing matches from the beginning of the day forwards, rather than newest to oldest.
    • Bug fix: Some retirement results were not updating the draw correctly. We have applied some fixes.
  • Live Scoring (Squash)
    • Bug fix: Tournament matches that start late were not showing in the match list. All unplayed matches will now show regardless of the current local time.
    • Feature update: When a match is started in live scoring, the tournament’s control sheet will now indicate that the match is “in progress”.
  • General
    • New Sport: We’ve added Pickleball to the system.
  • Organizations
    • Bug fix: The “Players” search page was taking a long time to load in some cases. We’ve identified the cause of this and have fixed it.

Site Updates (Week 12, 2017)

Lots of updates and new features to SportyHQ this past week.

  • Club Admin
    • Added timezone dropdown to club settings page.
  • Tournaments
    • Added qualification “backdraws” as a draw format option. When selected, this will create a MONRAD draw for the losers of qualifying draw matches.
    • Updated “Tournament Organizers” to “Tournament Officials” which now has official roles, when applied by the tournament administrators.
    • New Feature: Bulk move players to another draw from each draw’s “Players” page. You can hold down the Shift key to select a range of players at once (i.e. click the first checkbox, press Shift, press the last checkbox).
    • Removed Score Squash Match IDs from control sheet and draw pages. Match IDs are no longer required after the latest update to the app.
  • Leagues
    • Where semi-final and grand-final results are shown, we have replaced the points value with “WON” or “LOST”.
  • Score Squash (mobile app)
    • Added information to tournament and league pages.
    • Added information to dashboard.
  • Organizations
    • Player Search: Added new option to search for users within a sub-organization.
    • Player Search: Updated membership expiry option to make it easier to search for expired or current members.
  • Mobile browsing
    • We’ve been continuing to update our mobile browser experience to improve the ease of use. In particular:
      • The menu system has been updated to be much more mobile friendly.
      • The search interface has been updated.

Site Updates (Week 11, 2017)

  • Score Squash (download free from Google Play or Apple App store)
    • Removed the “match ID” requirement for live scoring. To make this process easier, we’ve updated the “Browse my Events” feature to show tournament as well as team leagues. You’ll now be able to select the tournament name and scroll through the list of upcoming matches to select the match you are about to mark.
    • Bug fix: On iPads, the “Continue” button on the match summary screen was sometimes hidden.
  • Mobile Browsing
    • We have made several display updates to improve the user-friendliness of the site from mobile devices. Further improvements will be coming next week.
  •  Tournaments
    • New Feature: For Squash Tournaments, we’ve added an “Officials” page where you can add officials to your tournament (referee, tournament director, etc.). This capability has been introduced initially for squash so that additional people can gain access to live scoring. For more information, click here.
    • Bug fix: Sign up button was sometimes not showing if a tournament’s start date was set before the registration deadline (this scenario is possible where you are using different entry deadlines for different events).

Weekly Update (Week 10, 2017)

  • Organizations
    • New Feature: Organizations can now upload profile photos on behalf of its members. To use this functionality, go to the Players link in the organization admin, perform a search, click on a name and then “Change Profile Photo”.
    • Bug fix: Searching with filters would sometimes return no results. We have identified the cause of this and have fixed it.
  • Tournaments
    • New Feature: Minimum draw size. You can now set a minimum draw size for brackets.
    • Bug fix: Bye matches were showing as “unscheduled” on the match calendar.
  • Club admin
    • New Report: Member Affiliation Report. This report shows you a listing of all club member along with their current club membership status and the status of any affiliations (e.g. state or provincial).
  • Ranking Publications
    • Bug fix: Occasionally ranking lists would display out of order (most points to least points). We have fixed this.

Site Updates (Week 8, 2017)

This week we’ve launched qualification draws and much more. See the full list below:

  • Tournaments
    • New Feature: Introducing QUALIFICATION DRAWS. We now have a number of qualification draw formats supported, including 1 round, 2 round and 3 round qualifiers.
    • New Feature: Qualification positions. In draws that have positions reserved for qualifiers, you can now set these in advance and then insert the qualifying player as they become known.
    • New Feature: We’re now tracking alternates. If you replace a player in a draw, the new player is indicated as an alternate on the players list and the players list will also show who they replaced.
    • We’ve updated the entry lists so that they are now split in clear sections:
      • Direct Acceptance (people actively in the draw)
      • Withdrawals
      • Late Withdrawals
    • Update to Scheduler Conflict utility: For Player Scheduling issues, we’ve updated the layout to sort by date and separate different dates in to separate sections.
  • Match History
    • Bug fix: In some cases, the green/red icon that indicates a win/loss on a player’s match history was sometimes showing a loss in situations where their opponent had retired while leading. This has been fixed.

Site Updates (Week 6, 2017)

This has been a big week of activity for SportyHQ. We’ve launched our documentation site and many new features for tournament players. Full details below…

  • Documentation
    • We’re launching a new documentation site for SportyHQ. It is available at We have launched initial documentation for club administrators and tournament directors. As we finish new categories and articles, we will continue to update this site.
  • Tournaments
    • New Feature: Edit Your Tournament Entry. Now in combination with our existing player withdrawal feature, players can now perform a number of actions:
      • For singles events, move to another draw that you’re eligible to play in.
      • For doubles draws, add/change/break your partnership.
    • New Feature: Set tournament registration deadlines by discipline. For example, set a separate registration deadline for singles tennis and a different deadline for doubles tennis.
    • New Feature: Now you can set a specific time of day for the registration deadline. Until now, registrations would close at the end of the day. Now you can set the specific date and time.
    • New Feature: Added a tournament timezone setting.
    • We’ve made a number of additional enhancements to the code that determines player positions in a draw.
  • Rankings
    • New Feature: Control the number of decimal places in your ranking lists (available for points table systems only). To configure, go to your admin page -> Ranking Lists and edit a ranking. There is a new option on that screen to set the number of decimal places (from 0 to 5).
  • Scoring Systems
    • Added Par 15 sudden death 16, best of 3 to Squash 57.
  • Events
    • Bug fix: Some events were able to still accept entries after the deadline had passed when people were given a link directly to the sign up page. This is now fixed.
  • Website Domains
    • Bug fix: In the domain configuration page, a domain would sometimes show a double www. (e.g. This had no impact on an actual website, but nevertheless something we wanted to fix.
  • Payments
    • We’ve redesigned the transactions export report so that it takes in consideration transactions that combine payments across events & organizations. For example,

Site Updates (Week 5, 2017)

  • Club Memberships
    • New Feature: Search Members. We’ve brought in a new feature to search your club membership by a variety of filters, including name, date of birth, membership type and more. Once you search users, you can then choose to email the selected users.
  • Team Leagues
    • We’ve added a new feature to view all player results from a round. To access, click on “Full Results” next to a division and scroll down to the weekly breakdown. To the right of each row, there’s a link for “All Results”.
    • Added option to final rounds to turn points on/off. Most of the time, you’ll set this to no, so that points from the playoff do not affect the team placings as at the end of the regular season.
  • Payments
    • For clubs and governing bodies using our recurring billing functionality, we’ve added in a series of “payment declined” email notifications that go out.
    • We’ve added date of birth and current age to the transaction export (XLS/CSV) report for event admins.
  • Results
    • Bug fix: When editing a challenge or friendly result, the interface would sometimes show incorrect fields. We’ve made an update here to correct this.
  • Rankings
    • For SportyHQ’s squash social ranking, we’ve had a number of requests to disallow best of 3 results from counting towards points. We’ve brought this in to play starting February 1st, 2017.
  • Tournaments
    • We’ve made some significant updates to our code that determines the final placings of players in draws.
    • On the main page of a tournament, we’ve changed the “Who’s Registered” summary from profile photos only, to include the player’s name as well.
  • Profiles
    • For players with no occupation set, we’ve hidden this field.
    • For players with no children (or no children set), we’ve hidden this field.

Site Updates (Week 4, 2017)

  • Tournaments
    • Added a “No Result” option in results entry. Doing so will essentially withdraw the players from the draw and make their next matches byes.
    • Added player club association to the admin “Players” page for each draw.
    • Bug fix: Swiss draws were not displaying the name of a partner in doubles draws consistently. We have applied a bug fix.
  • Team Leagues
    • Bug fix: When uploading a schedule, BYES would occasionally not process correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Governing Bodies
    • Ranking Tables
      • For bonus points, we’ve added a “sport” column so that you can separate points between different disciplines (e.g. squash, racketball, etc.)
      • New “Sort Levels” feature that lets you change the sort order of the ranking group levels. You’ll find this on the Admin -> National Ranking Matrix page.
  • Websites
    • Calendar events map no longer shows markers for past events.
    • Bug fix: Selecting a filter does not show past events, unless the “Show Past Events” link had previously been clicked.

Site Updates (Week 3, 2017)

Another busy week at SportyHQ!

  • Team Leagues
    • New results reminder feature launched! If you’d like team captains to receive a reminder if they haven’t entered results within a certain timeframe, then this feature is for you. The feature is configurable on a per-division basis. To enable, go to your Divisions page and click on Division Settings next to a division.
  • Club / Affiliations
    • Club members renewing or joining a club can now also purchase their affiliation memberships at the same time. Clubs can enable this option as part of the payment plan configuration (Club admin -> Plans -> (edit) next to a plan). When enabled, club members would be able to purchase a club membership and also purchase an affiliation (e.g. state, district, provincial, national) membership all in the one transaction. SportyHQ automatically splits the payments out appropriately.
    • Clubs submitting bulk affiliation renewals on behalf of their members can now pay online. In addition, we’ve added functionality to renew affiliations with multiple governing bodies in a single transaction. For example, if you operate under a district/province/national model, you can update and pay for all of these on behalf of your members in one simple process. To access this, go to your club admin page and look under the “Affiliations” section.
  • Clubs
    • Users will now see a “Renew” button on their dashboard when their club membership is due for renewal. This only applies to clubs using our payment plans feature.
  • Governing Bodies
    • New Feature: Coaches Database! We’re launching our coaches database to governing bodies. This feature is designed to track coaches, along with their accreditations and other attributes. Key features include:
      • Create custom fields to store any attribute needed.
      • Create qualifications (e.g. Coaching Level 1, Level 2, etc.)
      • Assign qualifications to coaches, with an achievement date and expiration date (optional).
      • Upload files to coaches profiles.
      • Add notes to coaches profiles.
    • Application forms for bulk member renewal: Due to the changes listed above under “Club / Affiliations”, the process for bulk renewals has changed slightly. If a member club submits an online payment to cover the cost of the affiliation renewals, then no application form is generated, as the transaction is process and the memberships updated in real time. For legacy support however, we have introduced an option to allow payment by check. If enabled, clubs can choose to renew by check and an application form will be generated, as was previously the case. The responsibility then falls to the governing body to generate an invoice and collect payment from the club. To have this option enabled, please email
    • Added a setting to determine if associated users with no membership expiry date are treated as “expired” members or “active” members.
    • Bug fix: Membership IDs – We have corrected a minor bug that was ocassionally causing memership IDs to be regerenated.
  • Tournaments
    • Bug fix: In some instances, byes were still showing on the match calendar. We have fixed this.
  • Organizations
    • Player search: There is now the option to search “active” or “inactive” players within the organization.
    • Bug fix: Facility list affiliations were sometimes being removed if a parent organization updated their facility affiliations.
  • Solo leagues
    • Bug fix: Display order for courts was somtimes showing out of order.
    • Player management page: First and last names have been put in to separate columns for more advanced sorting.

Site Updates (Week 2, 2017)

  • Announcements

    • Bug fix: The “Default” category that gets created initially was being duplicated many times for some clients. We have fixed the underlying bug here and removed the duplicate entries.
  • League Results
    • Bux fix: Fixed bug where partial league results had been received from the Score Squash app. This was causing unsubmited results to be forced to Par 11 Scoring.
  • Score Squash
    • We’ve updated the online score display to be more mobile friendly.
  • Calendar
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue with sign up link, where in certain circumstances, the “http://” portion of a web address would get duplicated.
  • Website
    • Website Calendar Event Details page now includes a sign up link, if applicable.
    • There’s now the option to view past events on the calendar. You’ll see a new “Show Past Events” button.
    • Bux fix: Fixed news banner not displaying articles in some cases where syndication was turned on.
    • Bug fix: Calendar event details page was incorrectly display the event start and end time.
  • Systems
    • Database: We’ve moved from mysql to mysqli. This offers improved performance and capabilities. Please be on the lookout for any errors that you notice, and contact if you find something.
    • We’ve added caching to our address lookups. These were the most intense database operations (in terms of throughput) that we had. We have been added caching across the board and hope you are noticing improvements to the site speed as a result.

Site Updates (Week 1, 2017)

As part of our commitment to update users on the continual progress SportyHQ is making in building it’s platform, we are going to release weekly changelog updates via our blog. Previously we had reserved posts for major updates. We would like to now extend this to include minor updates, which we will combine in to a single post each week.

Updates for week ending January 8th, 2017.

  • Tournaments
    • New Formats: MONRAD – Triple Elimination. This will provide a modified MONRAD format, in which players will drop out of the tournament after they have played (and lost) their third match. There’s also an additional option to enforce a 3/4 playoff, regardless of draw size.
    • Added player contact information to administrator “Player Placings” report.
    • We’ve added a backend option that we can enable upon request for mixed doubles events to ignore the “opposite” gender requirement on sign up. I.e. instead of enforcing male/female partnerships, you could have male/male, female/female or male/female partnerships in the same draw.
    • Bux fix: Send mass email (specify players). Player names were blank.
  • Score Squash App
    • New versions for iOS & Android.
      • Version check. If you’re using an out of date version, we’ll now ask you to update if there are major updates available.
      • We’ve added the current match score to the top of the gameplay screen.
      • Further enhancements to new league live scoring.
  • Clubs
    • Clubs now have the ability to create “team leagues” directly from their club administration dashboard.
    • If your club uses our “private membership” option, we have now restricted the ability for members to remove themselves from the club from their profile page. They will now need to request this from the club directly.
    • Scotland: For phone numbers, we now default the country to the “United Kingdom”.
  • Events
    • “Send Mass Email” now available for events.
    • We’ve added a Sign Up Position and Sign Up Timestamp to the events entry list page. This is mostly for administrators so you can track the order in which people joined an event.
    • Admins can now also add or remove people from an event conveniently from the event’s main page.
  • Website Module
    • We’ve released an update to our “Canyon” theme that now lets you set colors via the Website Settings page. This has removed some complicated CSS manipulation that existed previously.
  • Team Leagues
    • We’ve introduced a very basic version of our teams tournament module. This will let administrators create team events where players play in a knockout format. More details to come as we polish this new feature.
  • Box Leagues
    • We’ve added in a field to determine the “Scope” of your box league. You can choose if a box league can contain club members only, or if you want to be able to search for non-club members as well.
    • For box leagues that have signup enabled, we’ve added an admin feature where you can view everyone’s sign up status. To view this, go to the club admin -> box leagues page and you’ll see a “Sign Up Lists” button there.
  • Player’s Dashboards
    • We’ve added any upcoming club tournaments as a quick link to the dashboard.
  • Organization Memberships
    • Bug fix: In some cases, membership IDs were getting changed after a membership renewal. We have found the cause of this and fixed.
  • Rankings
    • For points-table based rankings (i.e. non-SportyHQ algorithm), we’ve introduced the ability in mixed rankings to filter a ranking list to only display one gender. For example, you may want a ranking to show results from mixed events, but only show men on the ranking. You’ll find this option under Admin -> Ranking Lists -> edit (next to a list).
  • Other
    • While not our most favorite of features to build, we’ve added in the ability to mark a player as deceased. This is currently available at the orgnaization level. For now, clubs can contact our support team ( to update a player who has passed away. Players marked as deceased will not receive any emails from the system. Their profile is also marked to reflect that they have passed away. Their information is archived for historical purposes.